IEA 2021 – First Call for Proposals

IEA 2021 – First Call for Proposals

The 21st Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association

June 13-18, 2021


The 21st Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) is coming to Vancouver, June 13-18, 2021. The Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) is proud to have been designated host of this event and plans to welcome more than 1,500 delegates from over 70 countries.

The theme of the 2021 Congress, “HFE (Human Factors and Ergonomics) in a Connected World, L’ergonomie 4.0,” speaks to the role of emerging G5 technologies to human applications at work and play in helping to improve human performance and well-being. Equally important is the application of HFE to the effective design of emerging technologies. Of course, while the program will feature theme-related sessions, the Congress will cover the full breadth of traditional and emerging HFE topics and applications.

This NewsBrief marks the launch of the first Call for Proposals. There are two distinct Calls for Proposals. This first Call is for Special Sessions proposals. The second Call, planned for June, will be for Researcher or Practitioner Presentation (Oral / Poster) Proposals.

LinkedIn Group

The main way to remain updated on the latest activities related to IEA2021 is through the IEA2021 Group on the LinkedIn platform, which we created to complement the Congress website, We urge you to join the LinkedIn Group (from your LinkedIn account) because it will be more informal and interactive. DO THIS NOW – Join, follow and invite your contacts to join for updates on the planning of the most exciting ergonomics and human factors event in 2021.

Important timeline milestones

• Call for Special Sessions: March 31, 2020 – June 26, 2020
• Call for Researcher or Practitioner presentations (oral/poster): June 26, 2020 – Sept 25, 2020
• Feedback to Special Sessions organizers: July 3, 2020
• Feedback to presentation authors: Dec 4, 2020
• Earlybird registration open: Sep 25, 2020 – Jan 15, 2021
• Final papers due by all authors: Feb 5, 2021

Technical Program

The technical program of IEA2021 is evolving to provide truly exciting learning and networking opportunities for the Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) community around the world. The program includes elements for both researchers and practitioners, and for new-career professionals to senior experts across the range of HFE domains. We are also reaching out to allied groups such as engineering, healthcare, and quality.

We have formed an international scientific committee comprising more than 80 individuals representing the IEA Technical Committees and experts from 29 countries across the globe from North and South America, Europe, and Asia, developed and developing economies. We thank them for their active participation and input.

This 5-day conference will feature more than 10-parallel 90-minute sessions, covering a variety of technical content while including time for networking and exploring beautiful Vancouver, BC. Each day will begin with renowned keynote speakers to inspire attendees.

Call for Proposals

This NewsBrief marks the first of two Calls for proposals: for Special Sessions and for Paper Presentations.

A.Call for Special Sessions
Currently, we expect to incorporate sessions that represent existing meetings such as the 7th International Digital Human Modelling Symposia and collaborative sessions with allied societies such as the International Society for Quality in Health Care. We are open to more! What areas do you believe merit concerted discussion at this world congress? Consider assembling world experts in your field to explore and advance the state-of-the-art. We welcome your proposals!

Each Special Session is for a single 90-minute slot. Special sessions could include any one of the following formats. For example:
1. A Workshop: Aimed at sharing specific knowledge and engaging the audience to develop their skills.
2. A Symposium: A collection of at least 4 papers, possibly with a group-discussion element. Recruitment of papers to symposia is the coordinators’ responsibility. Symposia that extend over multiple 90-minute time slots are possible. If you expect to require multiple-slots for your symposium, please contact the IEA2021 Technical Program Chairs as soon as possible to discuss options.
3. A Debate: Two teams are asked to argue for opposite sides of a ‘proposition’
4. A Panel Discussion: A group of knowledgeable participants talk about a given issue. Could have an emphasis on each panelist addressing the same specific question. Add the word “interactive” if audience participation is intended. Panel participants are defined in advance by the coordinators.
5. An HFE-x session: Inspired by TEDx conferences, this is a set of short talks on HFE topics (HFE ideas worth talking about), but with broader scope than a research or practice paper. The traditional TEDx format allows for at most 18 minutes per speaker, with no audience question-and-answer period, although you can suggest other formats.
6. A Pecha Kucha session: Each Pecha Kucha uses a storytelling format including 20 slides for 20 seconds commentary each, providing a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds per presentation.
7. Other: Suggest an interesting event, a simulation, a “game-show” event, or some other activity that participants might be interested in.

Special session organisers are responsible for recruiting participants as well as reviewers to review proposals. Note that Symposia require a minimum of 4 papers accepted to the conference.

Further details and instructions on how to submit proposals for Special Sessions are available at

B. Call for Researcher or Practitioner Presentations (Papers / Posters)

While we expect robust response from the academic and research community to the second Call for Presentations, new emphasis will be placed on attracting applied papers to complement scientific research and theoretical papers. Practitioners and consultants are encouraged to participate in IEA2021! We have established a separate “applied cases” practitioner stream that will be evaluated using criteria tailored to applied contributions. Submissions of as little as a 2-page extended abstract are acceptable without the requirement for an extended proceedings paper. This stream aims to foster communication and learning amongst practitioners, as well as fostering communication between researchers and those applying research in real settings. We believe these tailored requirements will encourage practitioners to share their experiences and projects with the world. We look forward to learning from those working at the front lines of HFE in practice!

Further, the Congress technical program committee regards both oral and poster presentations to have equivalent standing. There will be opportunities to publish posters in the Congress Proceedings or journals.

Stay tuned: The Call for Proposals for Researcher or Practitioner Presentations (Papers/Posters) is scheduled for June 26.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There is a range of exciting sponsorship opportunities to effectively introduce your products and services to the worldwide HFE community. Whether your organization is in the private sector, academia, government, transportation, healthcare, or consulting, these sponsorship opportunities offer brand awareness and promote your organization to the scientific and professional community.

All sponsors will be acknowledged extensively, including:
• IEA2021 website with links to your site
• Acknowledgment in promotions
• Recognition in the Opening Plenary Session
• Listing in print and mobile apps

Sponsorship opportunities are outlined in the Sponsorship Prospectus, available at

Exhibits program

IEA2021 will offer an exciting venue for exhibitors to introduce their products and services to the global HFE community. Refreshment breaks will be in the exhibit hall located near the session rooms, making it easy for delegates to visit exhibitors.

The Exhibitor Prospectus will be available in June 2020 and reservations will open in September (for details visit Reserve early! Exhibit booth location will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to gain broad exposure for your organization.

If you are planning to exhibit, please let us know so that we can contact you as soon as details become available (email: or phone +1 714/957-9100.

A word for students, new practitioners, and early-career researchers

A subcommittee of student-centered, passionate individuals is defining value-added elements for this important group. While most IEA Member Societies do not have formal student representatives, ACE past and present student members are collecting suggestions for these aspects. Please contact us if you want to support this team!